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With over 20 years of management consulting experienced in Business Management, Proposal and Technical Writing, analysis, process definition and mapping, Our extensive business and IT experience allows us to work seamlessly with senior management, clients, and technical resources.

As a Management and Business consulting firm we have developed documentation, automated reports and integrated automation solutions for clients in both the private and public sectors We possesses a strong technical knowledge. This has proven very useful when developing documentation for various solutions for clients across all sectors.


Renaud Consulting was established in 2010 as a firm focused on business development in proposal and procurement management. Our firm has helped large profile clients, such as Bell and Rogers Canada, as well as many small, local firms. At Renaud Consulting, we offer personalized services, custom solutions for your business, and ongoing support as you navigate your new business venture. 


Renaud Consulting has experience assisting a large variety of clients, big and small. Our company has created a 5-Phase plan to help you through the proposal process at every step. We have experience tailoring our services, our availability, and even our rate to each individual client’s needs. Our goal is to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients so they can call on us whenever needed.  


Founder and CEO, Rick Renaud, has over 30 years of experience. Rick has been an operations manager and a senior loss prevention manager in his previous career avenues. Today, Rick is a Procurement Specialist with extensive experience in the Canadian Federal Government professional services industry. Rick leads a team of individuals ready to support your every need.


The Renaud Consulting Team has a very strong technical knowledge base; we are equipped to help in many areas, topics, and phases of new business ventures. We can assist clients in both the private and public sectors. Some examples of areas we can assist you include finding customized business solutions, the proposal process, staffing and resumes, company copy, and much more!

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