About Us

Renaud Consulting IM/IT Solutions is an award-winning provider of IT solutions to Government and businesses. For more than 10 years, Renaud Consulting IM/IT Solutions has excelled at delivering technology solutions that optimize productivity, strengthen customer relationships, enhance data sharing, and drive profitability. 

Renaud Consulting IM/IT Solutions specializes in Procurement within the Private Sector and the Federal Government of Canada. We provided our clients with procurement solutions that will enhance their proposal deliveries, increase success rates, and improve profitability.

We offer a broad range of tools, templates, and development solutions to improve efficiencies which liberates your resources to bid on more opportunities and ultimately win more business. 

This positions Renaud Consulting IM/IT Solutions in a class above others that offer one style of solutions. Together with our channel partners, we can create a solution that is right for you and your client’s needs. 

We invite you to learn more about our products, solutions, the industries we serve, and our people. Or contact us now at 613.323.1884 to learn how Renaud Consulting IM/IT Solutions can create an environment where you and your clients can succeed.